Re-Energizing the World

- Mark Nejmeh
- Jack Flattery
- Srichand Yella
- Rakesh Erukulla
- Sam Wong
- Keith Molina
- Steven Ambrose
- James Flattery
- Zhenyu


Prototype Team Engineer

I was born in northern china and I lived around our capital area for over 20 year. I accomplished my B.S and M.S in Electric Power Engineering and my concentration field during M.S is the superconducting application in power system. In the fall of 2003, I went to University of Houston to continue my research and study career, majored in magneto-optical imaging and thermal imaging. Currently I am residing in Bay Area, California.

The skyrocketed oil price shows the energy crisis is coming and scientists are working hard to find new replaceable energy source.At the same time, we need to check our energy consuming style and energy should be efficiently used before it turns into heat, which is the lowest energy existence. MagKinetics are trying to achieve this goal and I am glad to be one of this team. 

I spend much time on sports with my family since we are sports fans, especially basketball and badminton. Besides, philosophy comparison and traditional music are my favorite topics.