Re-Energizing the World

- Mark Nejmeh
- Jack Flattery
- Srichand Yella
- Rakesh Erukulla
- Sam Wong
- Keith Molina
- Steven Ambrose
- James Flattery
- Zhenyu

Keith Molina

Keith Molina
Prototype Team Engineer

Keith Molina was born and raised on the island of Maui. His hometown is Lahaina, Hawaii and as a child he loved to build things with wood, play with motors and work on cars and trucks. After receiving his high school diploma from Lahainaluna High School in 2004 he went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to complete a S.B. degree in Mechanical Engineering with an Architecture Minor in 2008.

During his college years he took many internship and research positions related to the mechanical engineering field including one position that studied 'Green' building technology. The specific area of study in this research position was advanced fenestration systems through testing and categorizing various materials. Since then Keith has been interested in the idea of 'going green' and hopes to use his MIT degree to further such Earth friendly projects. Renewable energy is one such way Keith hopes to help in reducing our environmental footprint and he is glad to be a part of the Magkinetics team where he will develop a way to gain energy which is carelessly wasted.

Keith's favorite sports are soccer and football and he enjoys running. His hobbies are working on cars, playing the ukulele (a Hawaiian musical instrument) and hanging out with friends. Keith hopes that one day everyone will be conscious of the environment around them and will work hard to alleviate global energy crisis.