Re-Energizing the World

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James Flattery

James Flattery
Marketing Manager

James Flattery has offered the business community a professional associate, wearing many hats along the way ranging from establishing domestic and international business relationhips to working on the start up of the renewable energy company.

Born James A. Flattery in 1962, he grew up in West Hartford, Ct. with two brothers. His mother Antoinette Flattery a retired Town of West Hartford employee, and his father John J. Flattery Sr. a Securities Trader. Flattery Received his B.A in Business Administration from Upsala College.

He followed his older brother to Upsala College, it was there where he studied marketing and met his future business partner in Magkinetics Co-Founder Mark Nejmeh on the Lacrosse Field. It was at the East Orange campus where he learned the skills he would later employ in developing domestic and international strategic marketing programs.

James was married to Silvana Marie Flattery on July 7, 1990. The couple resides in Rocky Hill Ct. He enjoys reading, chess and playing golf.