Re-Energizing the World

- Mark Nejmeh
- Jack Flattery
- Srichand Yella
- Rakesh Erukulla
- Sam Wong
- Keith Molina
- Steven Ambrose
- James Flattery
- Zhenyu

Jack Flattery

Jack Flattery

Visionary: MagKinetics technology, CEO and co-founder.  After a ten year career as a government and Wall Street banking analyst, founded and directed companies involved in international trade and US wholesale distribution.

Holding graduate degrees in economics from Georgetown University, Washington, DC and The London School of Economics, London, England, believes the value of education can never be underestimated. He was awarded University of London’s Purple Award for outstanding service to a university organization in 1983.

Married, with one child, actively involved in his community and the game of lacrosse (coaching) he enjoys playing golf and weightlifting.

Company Philosophies: Sometimes you have to look at a problem through the eyes of a child to see the solution.

Education, experience and ideas may bring people together, but the pursuits of common goals are what keep them together. It is this mutual thread that will make MagKinetics mission become a reality.