Re-Energizing the World

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is magnetic field harmful?

Equipment such as computers, credit cards and cellphones should not be exposed to high magnetic fields. But when inside a car, the body of the car acts as a shield and blocks such high fields.

2. Are we using up gas when slowing down vehicles?

When the vehicle approaches a slowing down point like a traffic signal or an exit on the high way, our system helps the vehicle slowdown by creating a magnetic drag. It only helps the vehicle by applying more braking force and so does not use up any extra gas.

3. Is it a perpetual motion machine?

It is not a perpetual motion machine. We throughly understand the law of energy conservation and the first law of thermodynamics. We are not breaking any of the laws.

4. How much energy can we produce?

We are currently working on getting a good estimate of the amount of energy we are able to harness from the vehicles through a series of software simulations and experiments. Please check the scientific data section for more updates.

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