Re-Energizing the World

In A Flash: The Idea Was Born

At a sustainable energy conference in Boston Massachusetts, March 2004 our co-founder and inventor listened to many wind, solar, and biofuel advocates speak about harnessing all of what nature had to offer. Looking around the room he noticed so many different types of people and wondered what part of their human nature did everyone have in common? He wondered . How can human nature be harnessed? In a flash he realized everyone had traveled to the conference in one way or another over a road. He knew that the roads were where people would always be one way or another. The idea was born.

Soon afterwards a college friend with a background in economics formed a corporation. Now with Engineers and Physicists their goal is to make an impact on the world.

We are a green energy company trying to make a difference in the world. Our engineers and physicists are working on developing new technologies to produce green energy and to decrease the use of fossil fuel and carbon emissions.